About Us

Who we are

Rick & Marsha MoskovitzAs a family owned Pest Control business in suburban Chicagoland, we have an extensive knowledge base in controlling and eliminating pest problems. Our president and her husband founded A-Plus Pest Control in 1979 and after 30 years in business we still believe that service to the customer means each and every customer is treated like the only customer.

Whether at your home or business, on the phone or online, we follow one simple motto:

“We do it like we live there!”

What happened

During a visit to a family friend in 2005 the conversation came to dogs and fleas. Our friend had found “this stuff,” sprayed it on her dog and the fleas were gone in minutes.

This was very exciting news for our pest control business. We contacted the manufacturer and began testing the product on our flea calls to determine if it worked as promised. We found it to be more than 99.9% effective.

We tried the product on fruit flies, drain flies, bedbugs, roaches, spiders and ants, among many other service calls. We tried different applications and found that the product remained just as effective no matter the pest problem.

With an increasing number of satisfied customers, our greatest joy has been the total elimination of massive bedbug infestations.

From real estate management customers to residential customers we’ve had such a demand for these products locally that we’ve founded Plus Natural Solutions Worldwide to distribute our wonderful, natural, enzyme-based products.

A Plus Natural Enzymes are now available online & everywhere.

Also visit our other site: A-Plus Pest Control, Inc. for a full-service, environmentally safe pest control company, serving Chicagoland.