Green Pest Control and Products, Why, How and Does It Work?

Since 2001 A-Plus Pest Control has been looking for ways to “go green.” That year I wrote an article about keeping pests out for the Pioneer Press.

The 1st principle that A-Plus lives by is IPM (Integrated Pest Management). We always ask questions and inspect 1st, develop a plan to solve the problem and then, if necessary, treat with the least amount and safest product available.

This is where our natural products come in. For instance, a restaurant is having a bad infestation of fruit flies. Most companies come in and fog a chemical that kills the fruit flies. But, where is the source? In one case, my customer was dropping empty beer bottles down through a trap door in the bar to a barrel in the basement below. All that carbohydrate was feeding the flies. The same restaurant had pipes below the kitchen that were so greasy that the flies were having a picnic all the time.

We told them to stop dropping the bottles or to at least, wash them out first. We also told them to degrease the pipes. We treated all of the drains in the restaurant and bar with A Plus Natural Enzymes Cleaner and then fogged with A Plus Natural Enzymes Pest Eliminator. Even with terrific products, the problem was not solved until the customer helped us. This is IPM.

Some of our competitors are telling customers that our green service doesn’t work. I tell them to talk to my technicians. They use A Plus Natural products every day in the real pest control world. Ask our customers who had ants and had a BT (Broadcast Perimeter Treatment) on their houses with A Plus Natural Enzymes Cedar Choice Pro Concentrate about our service. Ask Brian, the manager of Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island (Remember Meigs Field?) He reported no spiders or mosquitoes for two years.

Use A Plus Natural Enzymes Cedar Choice Mosquito Repellent for People and Pets on your skin and clothes or your pet’s fur and go DEET free at the park. The mosquitoes will stay away.

Ask our bedbug customers how it is to be bedbug free without the use of toxic chemicals.

Yes, our service does work and so do all of our natural products. This is why we can always say, “We do it like we live there!” mmm.


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