Cedar Choice Fly, Mosquito and Tick Control for Horses


Flies Fly with Cedar Choice Fly, Mosquito and Tick Control for horses

Advanced formulation derived from the oil of Juniperus Virginiana (cedar oil).

This advanced time released formulation has a mild scent, is non-greasy and is an excellent mange control. It is an excellent repellent to keep insects off of the animal. May be used on any mammal such as farm animals or rabbits.

You can even spray it on human skin and clothes to keep mosquitoes and other insects off.

Safe and effective against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, mites, gnats, lice and other flying and burrowing insects without the use of toxic chemicals.

Safe around children and pets!

Directions for use (pdf)

Product label (pdf)

Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Cedar Choice for Horses flyer (pdf)

Price: $18.00

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